The Rating Scale

We review each category below on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Visit our List of Reviews page to choose how each fish fry stacks up.


We pull it all together and review the fish fry as an entire experience.

Fish and Main Dishes

Review of the variety, taste and quality of the main dishes, especially the fried cod. As a group, we intend to sample as many of the main dishes as possible during our visit. Overall dinner value and condiments fall into this category as well.

Side Dishes

Review of the variety, taste, and quality of the side dishes. Pretty simple.

Beverages and Desserts

Review of the variety and cost of beverages and desserts. Desserts are one of the biggest unknowns about fish frys due to the homemade nature of many of them.

Atmosphere & Extras

Review of the venue, the people, the volunteers, the decoration, friendliness, etc. Did the fish fry add anything unique or out of the ordinary? What are the extras?

Signage, Flow, and Line

Can you find the entrance? How long was the line? Do you know what your menu options are while you wait? Could you find the condiments? Review of how each stop along the way corresponds to each other.