St. Elizabeth of Hungary - 3/27/2015

by Nathan on April 2nd, 2015

Overall (4 of 5)

Fish fry season came to a close early for Fish Fryday Review in 2015, but definitely went out with a bang.  With what seems to be one of the best kept fish fry secrets, St. Elizabeth’s exceled at just about every aspect of the fish fry.  The only thing they could us more of is people who want to go to quality fish frys.  The main dishes were fantastic, including giant, meaty jumbo breaded shrimp.  Get the shrimp!! They offer a variety of delicious homemade sides, too.  The green beans, slaw, and mac & cheese were all noteworthy.  They had LIVE MUSIC from a keyboardist playing to the room, which I always adds a lot to the vibe.  With an abundance of beverage and dessert choices, there’s not a whole lot you’re left wanting when you’re finished, except maybe a hollow leg!  Laurie was sporting her matching and monogrammed fish fry attire (including apron), and we got to hear the inside scoop about the St. Elizabeth’s fish fry.  If don’t want to wait in line, but you want to eat a bunch of delicious fish fry food on a budget, definitely make an effort to visit St. Elizabeth’s fish fry.  They do a great job!!

Fish and Main Dishes (4 of 5)

VARIETY:  Fried Cod, Baked Lemon Pepper Cod, or Jumbo Breaded Shrimp.  Cheese Pizza is available for the kids or the non-fish eaters.

TASTE:  We were pleased they offered a combo platter which included fish and shrimp.  The cod was extremely tasty for not being hand-breaded.  It wasn’t overcooked like many we’ve tasted.  The jumbo breaded shrimp were very meaty and delicious.  I recommend the shrimp, for sure.  Laurie was even nice enough to let us taste the baked cod.  Baked cod has been hit or miss big time in the past, and they got it right at St. Elizabeth’s.  Nice work. 

VALUE:  $8 for a fried cod dinner, $9 for baked cod, $8 for 6 jumbo shrimp dinner, $11 for 10-piece jumbo shrimp dinner, $10 for a fried cod plus 3 shrimp combo meal, and $11 for a baked cod plus 3 shrimp combo platter.  If you just want a cod sandwich it only costs $5.  Each dinner includes 2 sides, choice of bread, hush puppies, drinks & dessert.  It was quite the value for the amount of food you get.  Great work on keeping the cost down!
CONDIMENTS:  Individual packets of tartar sauce and cocktail sauce.  Butter and lemon wedges are also available.  Large shaker of parmesan cheese.  NO KETCHUP, at least on the evening that we visited.  That is the first time I’ve been to a fish fry without ketchup.

Side Dishes (4 of 5)

VARIETY:  Vinegar Cole Slaw, Green Beans with almonds, Mac & Cheese, Spaghetti, and Applesauce.

TASTE:  All the sides are homemade except maybe the applesauce, and you could totally tell because they were delicious!  The vinegar cole saw was excellent.  I highly recommend it.  The mac and cheese was quite delicious, as were the green beans.  You pretty much can’t go wrong with any of those 3 sides.  I didn’t get a chance to taste the spaghetti or the applesauce, but apparently the spaghetti didn't hit the same marks as the sides I tasted.   

VALUE:  Generous portions.  $1.50 for an extra side dish of deliciousness.

Beverages and Desserts (5 of 5)

BEVERAGES: Tea, lemonade, water, and coffee served and included with dinner.  They have sodas available for $1, beer for $2 (Bud products), and a selection of wine for $3 per glass.

DESSERTS: The dessert table was pretty big and had a great selection.  Of course I went for the chocolate chip cookies which were very good.  Aaron shared his brownie with me and it was excellent as well.  I liked the large selection and the fact that is was included with dinner.

Atmosphere and Extras (4 of 5)

The atmosphere at St. Elizabeth’s was great.  I’m surprised they don’t have more of a crowd.  From matching tablecloths to a keyboard player entertaining the room, St. Elizabeth’s had a great, warm atmosphere.  The staff was very friendly, and we even had a chance to talk to the head honcho of the fish fry while we were there.  They have a drive-thru service out under the canopy in the front of church.  St. Elizabeth’s did inform us that they had the original fish fry drive thru.  Not too many extras besides that, but what else can you ask for?  You had me at LIVE MUSIC!  Oh, and one more thing...HUSH PUPPIES!

Signage, Flow, and Line (5 of 5)

Starting with a big sign out on Sappington, St. Elizabeth’s signage was very clear.  You had to be trying to go the wrong way or texting and walking to miss which way to go.  There was no line when we got there during what I would call fish fry rush hour, which was good for us.  The flow of the line was great, too wrapping around the outside of the school cafeteria.  Everything here just made sense.

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