St. James the Greater

by Nathan on April 4th, 2014

Overall (4 of 5)

St. James The Greater puts on a great fish fry.  From a well-decorated hall, to homemade side dishes, to some delicious fried shrimp and fried catfish, the menu pulls out all the stops.  I usually go for the cod, but you want to try the catfish or especially the shrimp at this fish fry.  Complement your fish with delicious homemade cole slaw or homemade clam chowder.  The pasta would be a great pick, too.  With plenty of beverages options included in your meal and a variety to purchase, you won't go thirsty after eating all that fish.  The cafeteria-style lunch trays are an added bonus instead of styrofoam plates or trays.  They have tiny tables for little children and had some raffles to enter as well.  Hopefully you know where you're going to get inside to the fish fry, otherwise it might take you a walk around the corner or building to find the correct door.  The staff was especially friendly and had a fun-loving attitude.  I would definitely go back to St. James the Greater for their fried shrimp, cole slaw, and clam chowder.  Great job!!

Fish and Main Dishes (4 of 5)

VARIETY:  Fried or Baked Cod, Fried Catfish, and Fried Shrimp.  Cheese Pizza or Grilled Cheese for the kids or non-fish eaters.

TASTE:  This fish fry is all about the fried catfish and fried shrimp.  The shrimip have no tails on them and are plump and delicious.  They might be the best fried shrimp I've had on the tour.  The catfish was very good, too.  The fried cod was a frozen patty and was had a thick, touch, crunchy breading shell.  it would be great on a sandwich.

VALUE:  $9 for a 2-piece cod dinner, $8 for seniors, and $7 for children 12 and under.  $10 for an adult shrimp dinner, $9 for seniors, and $8 for children 12 and under.  Extra fish is $5, shrimp $6, $3 for grilled cheese, or $2 for cheese pizza.  Each meal inclues french fries or hushpuppies, green beans, cole slaw, bread, a drink, and dessert.  Price seems average, to slightly above average for adults, but the senoir and children's plate seem a bit more expensive than most. 
CONDIMENTS:  The condiment table was great.  Convenient and had almost everything you needed.  Ketchup in big containers with little cups, tartar sauce packs, cocktail sauce in a big container, Tabasco, Frank's Red Hot, Parmesan Cheese shakers, butter, salt, pepper, but no malt vinegar or lemon.  Almost a perfect condiment table!!

Side Dishes (5 of 5)

VARIETY:  Cole Slab, Green Beans, French Fries, Pasta with White or Red Sauce, and CLAM CHOWDER!

TASTE:  DELICIOUS!!  I get the cole slaw at every single fish fry I visit, and this one topped them all.  I'm not sure what the secret ingredient is (could be balsamic vinegar), but its a must try.  The white sauce pasta was very good, too, as were the green beans.  Both were great and way above average.  The green beans were buttery and hot.  French fries are french fries, in my opinion, and I didn't get to taste the red sauce pasta. 

For the first time that I've seen, St. James had delicious clam chowder, and I'm not a big clam chowder fan.  Big chunk of potatoes and clam in a delicious soup.  Great job!

VALUE:  Extra sides are $3 each, which seems higher than most other fish frys for extra sides.

Beverages and Desserts (4 of 5)

BEVERAGES:  Tea, Lemonade, water, and coffee were complimentary with dinner.  They had someone selling beer and soda near the dessert table.  I believe it was $3 for beer and $1 for soda.  Beer choices included Bud, Bud Light, Busch while soda choices included Coke, Diet Coke, and Sprite.

DESSERTS:  The dessert table contained mostly a variety of cakes.  I typically prefer more diverse of a selection, but dessert was good.  I was very full by the time I finished the sampler platter they provided me, but the chocolate cake was good.

Atmosphere and Extras (4 of 5)

The atmosphere at St. James was great.  We were ahead of the crowd, but on the heels of St. Patrick's  Day, and it was great seeing the decorated cafeteria during dinner.  The staff was extra friendly and high-spirited.  I loved the enthusiasm of all of them.  I also really liked the itsy bitsy tiny tables for the smaller children.  That was a first.  Before you got to the cafeteria, they were selling raffle tickets for a tool set.  I always like to see something extra going on. 

My favorite extra was the lunch trays they served the food on instead of paper or styrofoam plates or trays.  This is the second fish fry I've been to that has used trays, and every time it is a real treat.

Another great extra was the clam chowder they had.  Its unusual to find soup or anything like it at a fish fry.  It was delicious on top of it all.  Great job!!

Signage and Flow of Line (2 of 5)

Signage and flow is the only thing about this fish fry that was a little confusing.  Since it was my first time there, it wasn't perfectly clear which door to enter to go into the fish fry.  Its not hard to find, there just weren't any signs outside.

Before you get into the cafeteria, someone was selling raffle tickets next to a bunch of menu signs, which immediately makes you think you are supposed to pay there, so, of course I tried to pay the person selling the tickets.  Not so.

Once you get inside, the room and signage are great, but the flow of the food line is a little unusual.  I tried paying the next table of people taking money, and I tried going in the out, except you are supposed to pay afterwards.  They had plenty of signs inside for condiments, beverages, desserts, etc., but getting through that line wasn't very intuitive.

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