St. Clement of Rome - 3/14/2014

by Nathan on March 14th, 2014

Overall (4 of 5)

St. Clements of Rome is a fish fry I would return to for the quality of their main dishes.  They have the most diverse menu of fish I have seen at a fish fry.  The fried cod is one of the best I’ve tasted, and the baked cod is an excellent choice if you don’t do fried foods.  They had more side dish selections than most other fish fries, and many of them are different than most other fish frys.  I was a big fan of the full concession stand of beverages.  Tea/Lemonde/Water/Coffee is great, but having all those extra options, especially a soda fountain, was great to see.  The room is a little small for the popularity of the fish fry, but with the Athletic Association running a tight ship over there, the overall experience was very satisfying.  Great job St. Clements!  Keep hand-breading that cod, it was delicious!

Fish and Main Dishes  (5 of 5)

VARIETY:  Fried or Baked Cod, Mediterranean Crusted Baked Salmon Fillet (with sun dried tomatoes and pine nuts), Coconut and Mango Crusted Baked Salmon Fillet, and Fried Shrimp.  Cheese Pizza for the kids, or for the non-fish eaters.

TASTE:  The fried cod was top notch!  It was hand-breaded, and it was my favorite part of the meal.  I also had the baked cod, which is unusual, but it was the best baked cod I’ve had since we started this fish fry review adventure.  The other baked fishes looked good on the plates I saw, and it was well-received by the people I had dinner with.  The cheese pizza looked good, but looked like it had been delivered much earlier in the evening.
VALUE:  $9 for an adult plate which included 3 sides, bread, and tea/lemonade/water/coffee.  Not the cheapest meal on the tour, but well worth it for the cod alone.  $5 for a child’s plate, which includes choice of cheese pizza or cod, 2 sides, bread, and drink.  Extra salmon fillets are $3, extra baked or fried cod is $2, extra cheese pizza is $2, and 1 extra shrimp is $1.
CONDIMENTS:  Bulk pumps of ketchup, tartar, and cocktail sauce.  Much better than the individual packets.  Lemon wedges always add a nice touch, in my opinion.

Side Dishes  (3 of 5)

VARIETY:  Salad, French Fries, Applesauce, Creamy Coleslaw, Green Beans, Boiled red potatoes w/Parsley, and Mac & Cheese.
TASTE:  The boiled potatoes were delicious with the roasted peppers in there.  Mac & Cheese was good, as was the salad.  All the rest of the sides were good, too, but didn’t stand out the aformentioned.  My friend Tim (who is an adult) said that the kids’ food was delicious.  (He ordered pizza, applesauce, and macaroni, I think…haha)

VALUE:  Portion sizes were good…not too big, not too small.  They didn’t list how much extra sides cost.


Beverages and Desserts  (4 of 5)

BEVERAGES:  Tea, Pink Lemonade, water, and coffee were complimentary with dinner.  They had a full concession stand with a variety of Pepsi products, as well as a beer and wine selection.  Beers included Bud, Bud Light, Bud Select, as well as Michelob Ultra for $2, and a red or white wine selection for $3 per glass.  The concession stand had fountain soda, if you’re a fountain soda person like me. 

DESSERTS:  The dessert table looked very diverse and was hard to choose which one to pick.  I had my mind set on cookies so I went with that, but they had tons of other items that I look for at other fish frys.  The Knights of Columbus were accepting donations for desserts, so I’m not sure if they were included or if you were expected to make a donation, but their donation jars were not hurting for tips.  Great dessert table!

Atmosphere and Extras  (4 of 5)

St. Clements had that quality parish grade school feel with the artwork on the walls, a view down the school hall, and cafeteria tables, picnic-style, that us tall folk have trouble getting in and out of.  I loved the atmosphere of this fish fry.  The staff looked great with their matching blue aprons.  Loved it!  Saw a lot of great friends there, the Hoovers, Nies, Smiths, Edmondses, Amy, Christina, and Dwayne, so the atmosphere was extra special.  Nothing extra at this fish fry such as raffles, music, etc., but the room isn’t really big enough to have much more than a fish fry in there.  One added extra that I haven’t seen at a fish fry yet was a freezer with ice cream treats in it.  I didn’t look inside too closely, but it looked like they had push-ups, drumsticks, ice cream, etc. inside.

Signage, Flow, and Line  (5 of 5)

You can definitely tell there was a fish fry at St. Clements if you drive past the church.  Plenty of signs pointing the way.  Inside, not as many signs, but the flow seems a bit obvious, except for the soda and beer, which is through the double doors and around the corner at the concession stand.  There was a line, but it moved quite well, so don’t be alarmed if the line seems long.  The line may be long, but the wait is not.

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