Sacred Heart - Valley Park - 3/5/2014

by Nathan on March 14th, 2014

Overall (3 of 5)

We were excited to kick off the fish fry season at Sacred Heart in Valley Park.  We have friends in that area, as well as friends in the faculty.  Everyone was very friendly, and we enjoyed meeting so many great people in that parish.  The Knights of Columbus in their matching red aprons definitely kept things moving, hot, and clean.  Beverage service at the tables was a nice touch, too.  The food is good, but I would recommend the fried cod as a sandwich.  The fried mac n cheese bites are new this year, and worth trying.  The layout seemed spacious so we must have beaten the rush since we didn’t wait in line.  Thanks to everyone for such great hospitality!

Fish and Main Dishes (3 of 5)

VARIETY:  Fried Cod, Baked Tilapia, and Fried Shrimp.

TASTE:  The fried cod patty was good, but I didn’t have a chance to taste the baked tilapia or the fried shrimp.  I felt the fried cod would be great as a fish sandwich.

VALUE:  $7 for a 1-piece adult plate ($5.50 for seniors) which includes fried cod or baked tilapia, 2 sides, choice of bread, tea/lemonade/coffee, and dessert.  It is a great value for the amount of food served.  $2 gets you an extra piece of their delicious fish.  A la carte fish is sold for $3 each, 2-piece shrimp for $1, and 1 piece of pizza for $3.

CONDIMENTS:  Squeezable bottles of ketchup and cocktail sauce, individual packets of tartar sauce, malt vinegar, parmesan cheese shaker, and lemon slices.

Side Dishes (2 of 5)

VARIETY:  Green Beans, French Fries, Pasta (Red Sauce), and Cole Slaw.
 The sides all tasted good.  I wouldn’t say they were too far out of the ordinary.  The cole slaw is vinegar-based, and I tried everything except for the french fries.  The green beans were a highlight for me with onions in them.

VALUE:  The portion sizes for the sides were generous.  Extra sides were $2.00 each.

Beverages and Desserts (3 of 5)

BEVERAGES:  Tea, Lemonade, water, and coffee were complimentary with dinner.  They even had people serving drinks to the tables.  What great service!

DESSERTS:  Included with dinner, the desserts looked yummy.  Mostly cakes, so of course I had a piece of chocolate.  Not a wide variety of desserts, but the two I tasted definitely passes the taste test.  Extra desserts are $2 if you get a sweet tooth.

Atmosphere and Extras (3 of 5)

The room where the tables were set up was a nice, big room with high ceilings.  Great room for a fish fry.  Nothing much extra except for a raffle out in the lobby.  One added bonus was that Sacred Heart had some fried mac n cheese bites on their menu, which I had to order.  How can you go wrong with that?  Worth every nickel of the $2.50.  I was a big fan of the matching aprons the Knights of Columbus were wearing.

Signage, Flow, and Line (4 of 5)

There were students towards the end of the Sacred Parking lot waving fish fry signs at the heavy rush hour traffic on Hwy 141 and the side streets.  There were plenty of signs to get you to the parking lot, but you had to follow your nose to the food.  Once you get inside you had to walk through the gym and around the corner.  Luckily I had someone (my sister) who teaches art at Sacred Heart with me to show me the way.  Otherwise it seemed around the corner and down the hall, etc.  There wasn’t much of a line.  The staff seemed to have it all put together, especially in those matching, monogrammed aprons.  Loved it!

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