Little Flower - 3/15/2013

by Nathan on March 19th, 2013

Overall  (4 of 5)

Grilled Salmon and Fried Mac & Cheese balls are the name of the game at Little Flower.  A sidestep from typical fish fry fare, Little Flower's Grilled Salmon is a must have.  Its served with a honey BBQ sauce over a bed of rice pilaf.  While you wait in line or while enjoying your meal at one of the tables, you are served homemade fried mac & cheese hush puppies.  You must try these!  The only bad news is that we went to their last fish fry of the season so you'll have to wait until next year to have a taste.  All of the side dishes were good, especially the French fries, which were also a bit different than most other places.  A wide variety of beverages are available along with the table of homemade desserts.  I really enjoyed the fish fry at Little Flower, and will make it a point to visit again in the future.  I'm surprised that more people aren't talking about this one because its food is top notch!!

Fish and Main Dishes  (5 of 5)

VARIETY:  Hand-Breaded Fried Cod, Grilled Salmon.

TASTE:  The grilled salmon is outstanding!  Served with a honey bbq sauce over a bed of rice pilaf, the grilled salmon is a must have!  The fried cod was tasty as well, but didn’t hold a candle to the salmon.  I whole-heartedly recommend the salmon.  It has a nice smoky flavor, too.

VALUE:  $9 for the grilled salmon dinner, $8 for 2-piece cod, and $6 for 1-piece cod dinner.  Each meal includes 2 sides, bread, and dessert. 
CONDIMENTS:  Tartar Sauce, Ketchup, and Malt Vinegar in squeezable containers with small cups to take back to your table. 

Side Dishes  (5 of 5)

VARIETY:  Green Beans, Cole Slaw, French Fries, and Homemade Mac & Cheese.

TASTE:  I’m not usually big on the French fries, but they were recommended to me, and they were right!  The French fries were really good.  They had some sort of battered seasoning on them.  The oil & venegar-based cole slaw was also good.  The green beans have some sort of minced onions in them giving them a great flavor, and the homemade mac & cheese was also amazing.

VALUE:  Portions are about average but you get an extra side of rice pilaf if you order the salmon.  The menu didn’t indicate that sides were sold individually.

Beverages and Desserts  (4 of 5)

BEVERAGES:  Sodas are $1 and include Coke, Diet Coke, 7up, Diet 7up, Dr. Pepper, and Diet Dr. Pepper, if my memory serves correctly.  Budweiser and Bud Light are available on tap, and they have a selection of wines (chardonnay, white zinfandel, and cabernet sauvignon) available for purchase as well.  I didn’t see a menu for the beverages, so I’m not sure how much the beer and wine was selling for.  A sign or menu at the beverage stand would have been nice.

DESSERTS:  The staff at the dessert table was very friendly.  Dessert is included with dinner and looks mostly homemade including cupcakes, cakes, Rice Krispy treats, brownies, and cookies.  I had a brownie that had some sort of chocolate heath bar or something in the middle.  It was delicious.

Atmosphere and Extras  (5 of 5)

Held in the school gym, Little Flower has a classic fish fry atmosphere.  Everyone is in good spirits, kids are running around, and there are people of all ages waiting in line for a taste of that delicious fish.  There is a playground outside for the kids to play on.  Some of the men were out back grilling up the salmon on an open flame.
One thing that really stood out for me was the “hush puppies” that they serve to you while in line, at your table, or wherever.  These hush puppies were more like homemade deep fried mac & cheese balls, and were so delicious.  I think I ate about 4 or 5 of them throughout the entire visit to Little Flower.  Make sure you get yourself one or two of those.
I noticed that in one area of the gym they are selling flower bulbs as a fundraiser.  Selling flowers at little flower?  I love it!!  “Flower Power Bulb Sale” they were calling it.

Signage, Flow, and Line  (2 of 5)

I never really saw a sign that pointed the way to the fish fry, but followed some other people which eventually led me to the right place.  I’m not sure there were too many other places to go, however, a sign with an arrow wouldn’t have led me around the building.  The line was a little long around 5:45-6:00, but the homemade mac & cheese balls tamed my hunger a little bit.  By the time we got near the front of the line we realized that we were supposed to pay before getting in line.  We came in the back so we never passed the cashier.  Luckily we had 4 people with us to save spots while each of us went to pay.  I think moving the cashier inside the gym to pay while you wait in line is a good idea, along with having menus to look at while you wait.  I also think having a menu of beverages at the beverage stand would be beneficial, too.

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