Epiphany of Our Lord - 3/8/2013

by Nathan on March 11th, 2013

Overall  (3 of 5)

We had a great time at Epiphany’s fish fry.  Everything is sold individually, which results in a fantastic value!  It was the best value so far this year (out of 10 different fish frys). You can pick and choose what you would like, without having to choose from pre-selected dinner options.  The beverage selection is great.  There are plenty of beer and soda options, plus complimentary tea and coffee.  The selection of sides is way above average, and the macaroni is delicious!  I liked the real dishes, silverware, and trays. 

I would recommend ordering the hand-breaded catfish or shrimp as the jack salmon has bones in it, and the piece cod that I had just wasn’t up to par.   Desserts seemed average for a fish fry, but they did have Jell-o!  Girl Scout Cookies were also for sale at a side table.  The people at Epiphany were extremely friendly and seemed all smiles.  I would definitely return to Epiphany for the overall value and variety of sides.  Hopefully their bowling alley has open bowling next time!

Fish and Main Dishes  (2 of 5)

VARIETY:  Cod Fillet, Hand-Breaded Catfish, Hand-Breaded Jack Salmon, and Fried Shrimp

TASTE:  I tasted the cod fillet, and it looked a lot better than it tasted.  The piece I had wasn’t very hot and it seemed dry and overcooked.  I could barely cut it with my fork.  Aaron said his piece was hot and tenderer than mine.  The menu mentioned that the jack salmon had some bones in it, which didn’t seem appealing to me.  It must be good if it gets ordered with bones in it!

VALUE:  Everything is sold a la carte.  Cod filets are $2.75, Jack Salmon for $3.25, Catfish for $4.25, and Fried Shrimp for $1 each.  GOOD VALUE!! White, Wheat, and Rye Bread is available for $0.15 per slice, and they have French Bread for $0.40

CONDIMENTS:  Tartar Sauce, Cocktail sauce, and Ketchup in large squeezable containers plus Frank’s Hot sauce.

Side Dishes  (5 of 5)

VARIETY:  Green Beans, Corn, Spaghetti, Creamy Slaw, Oil & Vinegar Slaw, Three Bean Salad, Macaroni & Cheese, and Pickled Beets
TASTE:  The macaroni & cheese is outstanding!  Apparently people come in just for large containers of the macaroni & cheese.  I suggest you order the mac & cheese if you go.  The pickled beets are very tasty and an unusual fish fry menu side.  The corn and green beans taste like standard cafeteria fare, and the oil and vinegar cole slaw is good.

VALUE:  Everything is sold a la carte.  Very generous portions of mac & cheese ($1.25), green beans ($0.75) & corn ($0.75).  The three bean salad ($0.75), both kinds of slaw ($0.75), and the pickled beets ($0.75) come in a small side dish container, and are average portions.  I didn’t see the spaghetti ($0.75), but they do have fruit cups available for $0.75.

Beverages and Desserts  (3 of 5)

BEVERAGES:  Iced Tea and Coffee are complimentary, with lemons, sugar, and the whole bit to add.  Sodas are available for $0.75 each, and include Coke, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Mr. Pibb, Sprite, Root Beer, and Orange Crush.  Beers are available for $2 each and include Budweiser, Bud Light, Bud Select, Busch, and Miller Lite.  (Miller Lite… really?  This is St. Louis!!)

DESSERTS:  Everything is sold a la carte.  Desserts are $0.75 each, and include cobblers, cakes, Jell-o, muffins, cupcakes, etc.  I had a chocolate cheesecake that was tasty but a little dry.  I tasted Aaron’s cherry cobbler, and it was quite delicious.

Atmosphere and Extras  (3 of 5)

The atmosphere at Epiphany is classic for a fish fry.  Held in the school gym, there are plenty of volunteers among the food line, beverage area, cashier, tables selling raffle tickets, students accepting donations for school charities, and a table selling GIRL SCOUT COOKIES.  Aaron cashed in on some of those.  People of all ages were enjoying the fish fry.  There were several people monitoring tables and cleaning up.
Everything on the menu is sold a la carte, that is, individually.  I ordered a cod fillet, 3 side dishes (including the mac & cheese), dessert, and a soda, and my total was only $6.70!!  BEST VALUE yet this year, and I’d be surprised if it gets matched anywhere else.
Epiphany uses real dishes and real silverware….a definite bonus at any fish fry, with plenty of volunteers near the trash cans washing the dishes and cleaning the trays.  Monica and Father Tom came over to say hello while we were there.  One of my favorite parts of visiting fish frys is getting to talk to all the nice people, including those at Epiphany.  Thanks for the hospitality!!
Although it doesn’t really fit into the fish fry review, it is certainly worth mentioning in this section.  Epiphany has an 8-lane bowling alley included in their school facilities.  I took some pictures and they should show up below.  My camera switched settings on me, so some of the photos turned out a little blurry.  That’s a blurry photo, not your eyes!!

Signage, Flow, and Line  (3 of 5)

Plenty of signs indicate that the fish fry is in the gym, but I still managed to try to go in the locked door that goes into the school.  Perhaps an arrow on the sign would have helped me find it quicker.  It was still early, so there was no evident crowd to follow.
The line hadn’t yet grown since we arrived around 4:45, and there were plenty of signs indicating what was available along the way through the food line.  They even had an old school (literally!) menu with movable letters that have the menu items on it.  Love it!!  They also have pocket-sized menues with the schedule on it for your wallet, fridge, or other handy place to keep a petite menu.
The perimeter of the gym pretty much has all the stops along the way.  The dessert table was first, which was a little goofy, but who says dessert has to be last, right!?

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